10 Most Offensive, Ridiculous „Sad Desk Lunch“ Photos

Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „Portrait of a sad desk lunch as a sad unmade sandwich. ‚Turkey pastrami!!!‘ Z brightfully adds.“

Seriously? What’s sad about this fancy spread of sandwich fixins? Is that Grey Poupon? Or another brand of boushy Dijon mustard? What is your life?


Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „This is what happens when your company pays for your Seamless lunch everyday, and you are hungover on a Monday. You order chicken lo mein, egg droup soup and chicken and broccoli. And still have to stare at your unchecked marked multi-colored sticky notes. G-R-E-A-S-E-B-O-M-B.“

I think we can all agree how much we hate free food. Maybe this person’s boss will wander over to Sad Desk Lunch, see their employee’s photo and make sure that employee never has to endure free „grease bomb“ food ever again.


Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „SEE? Plateware really ELEVATES a lunch. Worker bees: Eat out of plates and bowls. It’ll make you feel better. Another day, another set of leftovers. I’d eat this. I’d TOTALLY eat this.“

If only every moment of our lives could be as pretty as a Pinterest photo, perhaps we’d live in a happier, more harmonious world. Till then, eat out of a bowl or something.


Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „Avocado toast without red pepper flakes makes for a slightly sad lunch.“


We’ve never eaten anything this healthful or less sad for lunch at work, ever.


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