10 Most Offensive, Ridiculous „Sad Desk Lunch“ Photos

Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „“The only thing sadder than this Whole Foods brand canned ravioli is the fact that I couldn’t actually eat it for a week because the can opener at work was missing. Bummer. A haiku for this sad lunch: Slips down your tongue/ Warm squishy ravioli/It is organic.“


Organic Whole Foods‘ brand canned ravioli. It’s important to note that this sad desk lunch wasn’t just purchased at Whole Foods, but is also Whole Foods‘ store brand, lest you get to thinking this Whole Foods shopper is some high-rolling, moneybags Amy’s Organic Foods brand elitist.


Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „Panera Bread, the cornerstore of every strip mall in America, has finally come to New York’s strip mall, Union Square. S has been shamelessly indulging herself.“


This is one of several Panera sad desk lunches, and of particular annoyance to Gut Check. Panera (ahem, St. Louis Bread Company) is neither sad nor cheap. And why does one have to get this lunch to-go and eat it at their desk, if it’s such a soul-crushing experience? Take it from us, the time it takes to leave work, go to Panera, order lunch to-go and return to work isn’t largely altered by taking a few minutes to wolf down a sandwich in public.


Sad Desk Lunch Caption: „Just another generic pan-asian meal from Midtown Manhattan to take the edge off of the Thursday before Labor Day.“


Look at me, being so ho-hum about eating Pan-Asian takeout for lunch


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