10 Most Offensive, Ridiculous „Sad Desk Lunch“ Photos

The mission of Sad Desk Lunch is stated simply on its website:

Sad Desk Lunch isn’t about how great your lunch is. And it’s not about how crappy your lunch is either. It’s about the fact you eat your lunch at your desk during your lunch break where you could roam free ….Eating our sad tupperware lunches. Oh yeah, just to make it better? Eating lunch at your desk can expose you to more bacteria than a toilet seat.

OK. We’ve all been there. We can relate. Many a weekday we sit, hunched over a computer at our desk, trying to eat yogurt with a plastic fork. Licking our fingers to create a utensil to extract the layer of sugar at the bottom of a bag of Sour Patch Kids. Microwaving oatmeal and water, then seasoning it with soy sauce and Sriracha because it’s all that was in our kitchen, it’s the day before payday and because we’re resourceful.


Though it bums us out to say it, the site disappoints — and so spectacularly so it almost feels like parody.

We’re calling shenanigans, Sad Desk Lunch.


Eating pita bread straight from the bag? You filthy animal. - IMAGE VIA

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  • Eating pita bread straight from the bag? You filthy animal.

At its best, the site depicts the usual, average brown-bag suspects (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, leftover pizza, microwavable mac ’n cheese), while at its worst, perfectly good meals (burrito bowls, sushi, „Whole Foods brand canned ravioli,“ food from Panera) are portrayed as travesties.


To wit: A photo displaying a container of hummus and a bag of pita bread comes with the caption „Eating pita bread straight out of the plastic bag.“ Because, use a plate or bowl, you slack-jawed rube. Eating food straight from the packaging is so sad. Because Sad Desk Lunch believes this is what the American lunch hour has become: Highly efficient, dull-eyed worker drones tucking away pita bread straight from the bag because food isn’t just fuel it should be fun. It shouldn’t be sad.


Welp, ain’t nobody got time for that. Here’s our round-up of the ten most wince-worthy Sad Desk Lunch photos complete with original captions — to those who submitted these, by the way, we’re eager to trade you for our Sour Patch Kids bag-sugar any day!


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